My rhymes aren't worth your time.

Hopeless Romantic.
Part-time lover.


The Words You’ll Never Try To Speak

I appreciate everything you’ve done,
and I appreciate everything you tried, still,
your fake words and your actions filled with empty empathy
are not enough
to stop the rough
way that you make me feel,
and even though you know it’s real,
it’s like you don’t even feel
a reason to explain.
So here’s to you, and all your pain.

Permalink Every damn day.

I feel like nothing will ever help me and I will never get over her.

I love her to death, and she will never appreciate it.


I really want to just sit her down and just talk to her.

So much stuff has gone on over these past years.  I want to just talk about all of it. And I want her to know why I’m worth her time.  I want her forever.  I just want to be with her, talk to her all of the time.  This girl means everything to me.  I let her destroy my life…just so I can get the few minutes a day to have the pleasure of talking to her.


What I was really hoping for

was to get followers so that I could post this stuff and get advice…but so far…nothing…I really, REALLY need it…please…someone help.


I can’t sleep.

I feel like I’m nothing to her.